On the 29th of March 2021, a Maasai herder in Simanjiro was sitting in peace and quiet with his livestock, when suddenly something jumped into his boma (enclosure). He got the fright of his life. Just as he was about to put his panga (bush knive) to use to protect his livestock by slashing the intruder, he noticed that the feared invador was not spotted, but actually striped! It was not a hyena, as he initially had thought, but a helpless baby zebra….. No sight of the mother or a herd, and so he decided to call the WMA Manager who called the Center for help. Elisabeth set off with a caretaker and driver and after getting lost for hours, driving on rough roads for 200 km and spending the night out in the bush, they finally managed to give little Paulo a new home at the Center. Only senven days later, Paulo was able to join the other two little Zebras, Engerai and Kwanza.

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