Success story: Buffalo Release.
We couldn’t be happier! And we think “our” Nyati feels the same.
This buffalo was rescued as a tiny calf and over the last 4 years grew into a strong cow, full of spirit and life. Every day, she was turned out with our cattle, aiming to get her fit and strong, so that one day she may join a wild buffalo herd again.
The last few months, Nyati showed more and more signs that she was ready for her return to the wild!
Thanks to TAWA and TAWIRI, the process moved fast and within a few days all logistics were sorted. To offer her the best chances a soft release was scheduled, and Nyati was translocated with a bridging herd – some of her favorite cow friends – to the release site close to the border of Kilimanjaro National Park.
Here she was grazing with the bridging herd in close proximity to the forest, to get herself habituated to the area. From now onwards it was her choice – and she happily took it: she joined the first buffalo herd that passed by the quickly erected Release Camp, followed the herd and hours later disappeared together with new friends back into the forest…
Fingers crossed that she will live a happy and long life out there, free of human interference, so she will have her own offspring and fulfil her role in nature.
She now wears white ear tags for identification – so watch out for her if you spot a herd.

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