Internship program

Volunteering with us at the Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. gives you the opportunity to gain experience in handling and caring for different types of animals. Rarely does a week go by without a new patient being brought to us. Our principle is never to refuse to take in an injured or orphaned animal!

At Makoa Farm and Kilimanjaro Animal CREW you will be dealing with injured, neglected, tortured or abandoned domestic and wild animals. The training of the animals aims to prepare them as well as possible for a life in the wild. Animals that have to stay with us due to permanent injuries should be kept busy through play and training to encourage natural behaviour and prevent psychological problems and misbehaviour.

However, volunteering does not only involve the daily care and occupation of animals, but also requires working on other projects, such as social media, bush school, forest kindergarten or training staff.

100% of the donations made through volunteering are used for the rescued animals.

For more details and availability, please contact us:

Dog being neutered with the support of a volunteer