Our team

The team is our most important asset. We are all from different countries and of different backgrounds. Together we complement each other, making sure that all nuts and bolts of the project are under effective and efficient control.

Vet leaders

Dr Laszlo Paizs

Laszlo Paizs

Laszlo is the principal veterinary doctor at our Center. His excellent academic background and rich experiences are critical. Laszlo is what you would call a full blood veterinarian. After moving from Germany to Tanzania, his broad knowledge and experience was of huge advantage when it came to transferring all that he knows on to the treatment of African wildlife. Not only is he passionate about treating animals, but he also loves to pass on his knowledge to young veterinarians and students, both Tanzanian and from abroad. Laszlo is always in a good mood and working with him is fun and educational. If Laszlo is not in the surgery room tending to injured animals, he is out enjoying the beauty of Tanzania’s Fauna and Flora.

Dr Elisabeth Stegmaier

Elisabeth Stegmaier

Elisabeth is an experienced veterinary practitioner and it’s her who sets the little orphans on track for their rehabilitation. She arrived in Tanzania together with Laszlo in the mid 90s and they together run Makoa Farm and founded the NGO . Elisabeth is a very thorough and empathic vet and tirelessly tries to find the best possible treatment for her patients. She combines standard medicine with homeopathy and natural medicines. Not only does she have a lot of experience in treating animals, but she is also very sensitive to their behavioural needs. She is an expert at finding the correct holistic approach to combine mental and physical needs to ensure a faster healing process. The best place to look for Elisabeth is somewhere on the farm tending to animals, treating or training and ensuring everyone is happy and healthy. You might also find her with Laszlo out in the bush.

Claudia with one of her favourite being

Claudia Lux

Claudia is a qualified orthopaedic equine hoof care specialist, who now mainly works in the background, making sure that all operations run as they should. 

Paulchen with his favourite being, animal Trainer Barbara

Barbara Glatz

Barbara is an animal trainer, who emphasizes on the importance of looking after the behavioral needs of the rescued animals.

 The field staff

Our work would not be possible without our committed and hard-working members of the field staff crew. We have recruited the majority of our local workforce from the neighbourhood, right where the Center is located. Some are graduates of Mweka Wildlife College, a widely recognized wildlife college. Some attended our Bush-School and decided to devote their lives to wildlife conservation at our rehabilitation center. We are happy to see that the values instilled to the young people are guiding them in the right direction – many become truly dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and eventually become its staunch guardians, both at our Centre and elsewhere in Tanzania.

Animal Trainer

Barbara Glatz is an animal trainer from Austria and has been part of the CREW for almost ten years. She is responsible for the behavioural management of both, rescues and permanent residents at the sanctuary. She trains the animals to cooperate voluntarily in medical and husbandry procedures, which reduces stress and improves welfare. Furthermore, she helps to improve their environment in order to promote natural behaviour. She trains our staff on how to improve animal welfare and participates in trainings for the police and rangers to broaden their understanding of animals’ needs and behaviour.

Logistical Support and Ops Manager

Claudia Lux is part of the CREW since 2007. She used to live permanently at the farm for many years and was the operations manager, overseeing every aspect of the farm. A few years ago, she returned to Germany and since then visits the farm on a regular basis. She is responsible for all background operations, such as communication with volunteers and donors, on-time delivery of milk replacer, and financial planning. Claudia is the first chairperson of the registered association Kilimanjaro CREW e.V., which is recognised as a non-profit organisation in Germany.