Animal Clinic

Whether a little squirrel, an adult elephant, a cow or a much loved pet of whichever size, this is THE place where any animal will get the best possible help.
Neutering campaigns are done here,
routine every day treatment of sick or injured animals, as well as treatment of wildlife species. You just never know who or what animal species you will encounter when you enter this clinic!

Due to a very kind donor, we have started the construction of a new clinic which will cover 990 m² and will be one of its kind in East Africa! We hope to see it complete in 2022/2023!

Until then, we remain with our old clinic and equipment, but also with Elisabeth’s and Laszlo’s expertise, patience and innovative problem solving. The animal clinic and its patients take up a huge proportion of their time.

If you would like to help us to purchase the needed new equipment, please donate [give_form id=”2296″]