In October 2020, we were called out to Mountsainside Farm in West Kilimanjaro to help a young Buffalo that had been injured by a wire snare. The snare had caught the buffalo around his neck and over his head, squeezing his one eye badly. Due to his eye-sight being heavily impacted, the young bull evidently had not been able to browse sufficiently and was extremely emaciated, making the darting challenging to not overdose him. Thanks to Elisabeth’s experience, all went well. After removing the snare, his eye was inspected and – luckily – it had not been injured! The buffalo was young enough to overcome his emaciated state and recovered.

West Kilimanjaro 2020, an emaciated buffalo due to a wire snare around his neck

West Kilimanjaro 2020, darted Buffalo to remove the wire snare
West Kili 2020, darted buffalo for snare removal
West Kilimanjaro 2020, Buffalo with snare around neck, top of his head and over his eye

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