The best for elephants is other elephants…and maybe a little wildebeest 🙂
Sometimes we need to be very creative, but in this case it will make the world for this little calf… let’s hope this plan will make for her long happy journey back into the wild! Every night Savannah and Maswa are right next to the calf, who receives lots of hugging all nights long.
Immediately after Esperanza’s arrival we realized that we need to move her down to the clinic, into an ICU room… meaning she will be our first inpatient in the clinic which is now in “soft-opening process”.
The idea was that Savannah will be assigned as her new mom!

However, the clinic wasn’t ready for it yet!
There was spontaneous and much appreciated assistance from Vasso Estate, sending their welders, particularly Ramadani, working full-speed and long days to construct gates and locks for the rooms needed.
The bulls Burigi and Malamboni are still separated from the girls. The herd is split up in different rooms with sight and touch to each other. If we tried to leave the bulls in the old night boma they would immediately break down everything 

During construction of the gates the herd was brought inside the clinic on a daily basis, so they could get used to the unknown environment with walks around them. Even the first time the bulls happily stormed into the clinic (as they saw the caretakers walking in front, spreading pellets all over the ground) whereas Savannah, being a careful matriarch, needed some more time to decide that it hopefully will be ok…


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