In December 2020, Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. participated in the workshop to develop guidelines for handling wildlife species which require special attention. A two-day workshop developing strategies and guidelines with TAWA, NCAA, TAWIRI, Grumeti and TANAPA.

This resulted in developing guidelines for capture and translocation of wildlife species in Tanzania which was concluded as follows:

“Success or failures of a translocation exercise depend on well thought plans and strategies. This document has attempted to lay down guidance to facilitate conservation translocation success in Tanzania. Conservation resources can be wasted if translocations fail, and translocations can spread pests and diseases and, in some cases, create problems for other species or other users of the land to the recipient locality. To maximize benefits and minimize harm from translocations, the Ministry has developed these guidelines on conservation translocations that shall be used in any capture and translocation operations. Critical evaluations of each translocation exercise should be part and parcel of monitoring of success and reviews should be conducted to update this document according to the needs overtime. This will ensure that the country continues to uphold sustainable conservation of biodiversity through innovative approaches for maximization of ecosystem services and optimizing tourism development for human benefits.”

Developing Strategies and Guidelines, December 2020
Continuation of Developing Strategies and Guidelines, February 2021
Developing Strategies and Guidelines, February 2021, with DG TAWIRI and DW

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