The Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. has custom designed this 6-week online internship course from scratch, in direct partnership and collaboration with experts and non-profit organisations.

Course duration:

6 weeks

Time commitment per course:

54 total hours

  • 24 hours of virtual sessions
  • 30 hours of self-guided project work

Weekly schedule:

  • one hour guided sessions per day for four days of the week (Monday toThursday)
  • one hour unsupervised work every day of the week

Number of participants:

We will be able to accommodate a total of 10 participants per virtual internship program, but can only go ahead with a minimum of 6 students.


During a time when travel is difficult, cumbersome and uncertain due to the Corona Virus and worldwide restrictions, this online internship offers students and young adults the opportunity to test and find out whether wildlife management, photography, conservation, zoology and veterinary care is something for their future profession This 6 week online internship will provide a good and detailed insight to all areas of knowledge needed. You will be working with an experienced and certified internship supervisor.


The overall curriculum will have lessons from Zoology, wildlife management, veterinary, as well as photography areas and are all done on a theoretical basis before we head into practical and self-guided projects.

At the end of the internship each student will be granted a certificate.

Needed skills:

  • Basic knowledge of East African wildlife species
  • Keen interest in conservation and medical/veterinary basics
  • Camera (other than on your phone) will be beneficial. If you don’t own one, you can borrow one for the time of the internship, but please study the manual!


For further information and details, please contact us on:

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