26th April 2021

Teething for elephants is just as painful as it is for any other living creatures. Little Kiteto is no exception. As if she was not dealing with enough problems already, she just started the teething phase that can last for several weeks until all four teeth are fully exposed. Due to the teething pain, Kiteto started rubbing her mouth on a wall which of course does not do her any good whatsoever. So our innovative Dr Elisabeth invented a relieve-tool and made Kiteto a teething ring! An extra soft hot-water bottle filled with air and with all little attachments removed so that Kiteto cannot swallow anything by mistake. The hot-water bottle is covered in Vitamin B complex syrup to increase her appetite….. And it works a treat!

Kiteto rubbing against the wall due to her teething pain

Kiteto chewing on the teething ring

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