On the morning of 18th April 2021, an infant female African Elephant was found by Ndaleta villagers in Makame Wildlife Management Area. The previous night the villagers reported that there was a herd of elephants, about 35 individuals that had moved through farmland. The herd was scared off and it is presumed that in the confusion the baby was lost.

Attempts to take the baby out of the farmland area and into open bush was futile, as there was no herd to be found and the baby was visibly weak, stressed and agitated. Not knowing how to restrain the baby, the villagers in the end let the baby walk off on its own. Village game scouts were contacted. Once the village game scouts (VGS) arrived, the villagers reported that the baby walked off into the farmland. It took a team of 16 volunteers and vehicles to locate the baby again. The VGS contacted the Kiteto District Game officer (DGO), Ms. Doris Greyson Gama as well.

Ranger Kiteto, working for the Honey guide Foundation, called the Kili Crew and provided information about the animals predicament and explained that the DGO had been informed and agreed to the emergency rescue.

The VGS were instructed by CREW on how to safely transport the baby. A pick-up truck was used and blankets and mattresses were used as bedding for the animal. It was agreed that CREW would mobilize a car, vet and care taker team equipped with first aid supplies, specialized milk replacement, electrolytes, various medicines and equipment. When the two cars met up, Elisabeth together with caretaker, Sele, loaded the little elephant onto the pick-up and began first aid on the animal. Additional blankets covered the baby. The baby was so weak that there was limited need for any restraints and no need for any sedation. It slept most of the journey and was woken up in intervals of one hour to give it electrolyte orally.


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