Update on the elephant orphan:
The little boy was named Ndarakwai, as this is the name of the ranch where he was found. Recently, Ndarakwai and Riziki were moved to Riziki’s usual night area and since then she has relaxed, obviously feeling safety for her and her foster-calf.
Ndarakwai needed a light sedation for the 2nd treatment and during the wound cleaning procedure, the caretaker lured Riziki away so she could not interfere.
The wound healing progress is satisfying and the baby elephant is now out of critical medical danger. The focus now is on the intensified feeding program, as the digestive system of elephants is sensitive. There will be some good days and some bad days for the next month in regards to avoiding dehydration and malnutrition, although each day we see progress and remain diligent on providing the best care we can.

Ndarakwai and Riziki

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