Successful release of the yellow baboon “Matze”
In January 2013, a little baboon with big ears came to us and has been in our care ever since. This included bottle feeding, a “foster-mum” who stayed with him all around the clock and veterinary care. He was named Matze and he discovered the farm, learned which things are food and what he better stayed away from amongst many other lessons. We did our best to prepare him for a life back in the wild, where he belongs.
The older he got, Matze gave us more and more signs that it was time to return him to the wild. We moved Matze to the release site – of course in the company of his permanent caretaker, Sele. Reintroduction of an animal back into the wild is always a difficult and dangerous stage for the animal and Matze was happy to have Sele by his side. The day came when Matze was out walking with Sele and decided he wanted to go a different route than Sele. Time had come to let him go…..
We checked up on him a couple of times and are happy to report that Matze is enjoying his freedom!
Matze and caretaker Sele

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