In January 2020, Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. conducted their first rabies and neutering campaign for dogs, in cooperation with the Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

After spending some time in the villages to create awareness about the upcoming campaign, we had pinpointed collection points for owners to bring their dogs to for collection on a certain day. These were numerous collection points throughout areas in West Kilimanjaro – Narco, Sanya Juu, Tinga Tinga to mention only a few.

We ended up with about 35 dogs for neutering operations, as well as treating conditions such as mammary tumors and various injuries. After the operations and treatments, the dogs all got vaccinated against rabies. This campaign not only benefitted the dogs and their owners, but also the local wildlife, as dogs with rabies pose a huge threat to wildlife of all species. Huge success and we Hope to be able to do many more such campaigns! With you help…..

Dog being neutered at the Center’s clinic
Dr Laszlo training a Tanzanian vet how to neuter a dog

Dr Elisabeth spaying a dog

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