In July 2020, the KILI CREW received a call for help from the Enduiment Wildlife Management Area (WMA). They had seen an adult male elephant bull that could hardly walk anymore….. Luckily, Dr Elisabeth happened to be in the Enduimet WMA already, but it still took several hours to locate the reported animal. A big male elephant, about 25 years old, had an extremely swollen back foot and lower leg – to the extend that he could not walk, only hop along. Dr Elisabeth darted him with a blowdart and it took a while for him to go down. A closer inspection of the foot showed no wound as such and therefore Dr Elisabeth settled for giving him a long lasting antibiotic to sort out any internal infection and other supplements to boost his system and health. By nightfall, the bull was back up on his feet.

Inspecting the back leg of an elephant in the Enduimet WMA

Cooling down the darted elephant

Dr Elisabeth administering antibiotics to the elephant, Enduimet WMA

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