. . . and you can see how much he enjoys a bath with his new siblings. For now both Kiteto and Malamboni have been assigned to be his constant companions, as Meing’ataki is the first calf ever who doesn’t like Suzie the sheep. Although Kiteto must be younger than him, she and Malamboni are very strong and can sometimes be a bit feisty. The caregivers are on constant alert to make sure that Meing’ataki, who is still very skinny, doesn’t get bullied by either of those two. Kiteto and Malamboni might feel this is a bit unfair, as Meing’ataki will take his chance for a push the moment Kiteto is in a weak position herself. This doesn’t happen to Malamboni who is well known as “never leaving a debt unpaid”, so whatever size of elephant is giving him grief no 10 minutes will pass without Malamboni getting his own back.

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