Plains Zebra Lerangwa

His story

Current status: Lerangwa, together with Furaha, was successfully relocated to a ranger protected tourist area of Mkomazi National Park, where they live in a natural but safe habitat.

In February 2019, a herd of zebras passed by a Maasai village in the West Kilimanjaro Wildlife Corridor. This didn’t remain undetected by the village dogs, so they went out to attack – the herd fled, but a tiny newborn male zebra could not keep up the chase, and was hunted down by the pack of dogs.

Fortunately the Maasai herders saw the incident, instantly chased the dogs away and rescued the foal. Although the foal was not seriously injured, it was in shock and staggering. Attempts to reunite little Lerangwa with his mother were unsuccessful, as the foal couldn’t follow the herd that ran the moment humans came into sight. KiliCREW was called for help and Lerangwa was translocated to the Center.




Reason for rehab:

Attacked by village dogs

Rescue date:

16th February 2019

Age at rescue:

Less than one week

Rescue location:

Lerangwa Village

Favorite food: