Plains Zebra Engerai

Engerai's Story

On the 10th of November 2020, a Maasai man encountered a pack of feral dogs that chased a small zebra foal. Fortunately he was on a motorbike, so he very quickly jumped into action and drove the dogs away to rescue the foal. The foal, a little stallion, was in very bad stage and the zebra herd nowhere to be seen, so the foal was brought to KiliCREW.

For days it wasn’t clear whether the little boy will make it. He was very weak, with severe swellings and injuries to spine, head and leg, resulting in serious neurological disorders. He was clearly in pain and walking in circles once he was put on his feet. Constant medical treatment, experienced caregivers for care and the milk bottle around the clock, and once again Suzie, our very experienced and caring sheep, acting as a companion animal, were assigned to Engerai. Slowly but steady the foal improved. In honor of the brave Masai rescuer, the foal got the name “Engerai”, meaning a little Masai child.

April 2021:
Although Engerai long joined the babyherd and enjoys his days out in the bush, he remained deaf and still shows mild neurological disorders. He is a happy little stallion though, growing well, eating and playing with his friends. Unfortunately, due to his disabilities he will never be able to go back into the wild again. He will have his forever home at KiliCREW, with all his needs provided for, and with friends to play with in future.


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