Yellow Baboon Lady

His story

Our caretakers rescued this Yellow Baboon female from a Wildlife-Human Conflict. Her right arm was strangulated by a wire snare, immobile and without any feeling, “Lady”, her new name, was abused and in deep shock.
Intensive treatment and lots of tender loving care has proved successful and Lady could move from the crate into the pre-release enclosure, where she enjoyed sun and contact with new friends. Lady has made really good progress and we hope she can return to her family troop soon.

2022: After the pre-release period, during which she was occasionally monitored, she spent 24 hours outside the enclosure until she became attached again to her family troop. Lives again today as a wild baboon, living with her fierce band of companions.




Reason for rehab:

was found caught in a wire snare

Rescue date:

August 2021

Age at rescue:


Rescue location:

Kilimanjaro region

Favorite food: