Vervet Monkey Bahati

His story

Bahati faced a traumatising incident which eventually led him to us. Bahati’s mother tried to cross the road holding him but sadly was hit by a vehicle and succumbed to her injuries immediately. A Good Samaritan quickly realised that there was a baby vervet beside the mother who had survived the incident. This man rescued the little one and contacted the wildlife authority. They handed over the badly traumatized baby vervet monkey to the CREW and he’s recovering well with the help of his surrogate mum “Riziki”.

2022: After undergoing a release phase together wit other vervets, during which they were occasionally monitored, Bahati spent 24 hours outside the enclosure. This was a success and by now all of them are attached into wild troop and are occasionally seen.

Released-Now living in a wild troop at Makoa Farm



Reason for rehab:

mother was killed by a vehicle

Rescue date:

October 2021

Age at rescue:

less than a month

Rescue location:

Kilimanjaro region

Favorite food:

milk replacer