Marabou Stork Paulchen

His story

Paulchen was rescued from Arusha with a broken wing that could not be rectified. He is a permanent resident at Makoa Farm and is totally in love with our animal trainer, Barbara. He has built Barbara a nest and will not allow anyone but her to come close to it.

One day, he came to the clinic and had broken off part of his upper bill. Despite various attempts to fit him a prosthetic bill, it has not worked so far. The absence of part of his upper bill hinders him from sufficiently grooming his feathers and properly eating his fish. This will make him a permanent foster case at Kili CREW.

– After many years of a very good lucky life at Makoa Farm Paulchen became older and decided at some point to go the final way of all living beings….



Reason for rehab:

Broken wing

Rescue date:


Age at rescue:


Rescue location:


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