Elephant Meing’ataki

His story

Current status: Meing’ataki and other orphaned elephants at the centre have been moved to a special wildlife area for further rearing, where they remain in human care for as long as necessary but off-limits to the public.
This little bull elephant calf was the first rescue of the new year 2022. Estimated to be around a year old, he was found looking lifeless and walking around on his own. Although there were several herds nearby, it seemed as if he was not accepted by any of them, and it was evident that he had given up.
We estimate he must have been on his own for at least a week or more due to his extremely emaciated condition. Meing’ataki was very overwhelmed when he moved in and was scared of everybody. Being able to meeting the other elephants was very helpful for his habituation and within short time he started to accept his caretakers and – most importantly – the milk bottle.

Preparing for release



Reason for rehab:

found on his own for unknown reason in very poor body condition,

Rescue date:

January 1st, 2022

Age at rescue:

about a year old

Rescue location:

Tarangire National Park

Favorite food:

elephant milk replacer