Elephant Kiteto

His story

On 18th April 2021 Kiteto, a little female elephant baby, was found by villagers in Makame Wildlife Management Area. The previous night a big herd of elephants had ventured into farmland. Village game scouts helped the villagers to scare the herd off the fields and it is presumed that in the confusion of the night the baby was lost.

The CREW team headed out with vet and care taker team and equipped with first aid supplies, special milk, electrolytes, medicines and equipment. At the same time a ranger vehicle was racing through the bush with Kiteto onboard, to meet the CREW. Heavy rains made the journey difficult and it took all efforts of the experienced rangers to manage the terrain. When the two cars met up, first aid started. The baby was very weak, severely dehydrated and lethargic, she slept most of the journey.

Kiteto is still alive and even has put on some weight, despite looking extremely thin. Although the bruises on her body healed, Kiteto still has nightmares at night, trying to digest her loss and separation from her mother and herd. Lots of attention, patience and LTC will be needed so she can turn in what we are hoping for: a happy, healthy, playful elephant calf.

Update April 2022: On Easter Monday 2022 was Kiteto’s rescueversary. It had been exactly a year that she had arrived at Kilimanjaro Animal CREW as a little orphan. We were supposed to celebrate this special day but everything came differently. Kiteto wasn’t able to live for this special day.

Sadly, on Easter Sunday 2022, she passed away. With abruptly developing symptoms pointing towards a bite from a venomous snake.
We are devastated. Especially, her close family is inconsolable – her elephant friends but also her human friends and caretakers, who work tirelessly to keep her happy and healthy. We all can’t believe that she’s gone.
She was an exceptionally friendly and affectionate orphan, especially with certain caretakers she had a very special bond.
One year ago she got this second chance to live, she used it, she was a happy little elephant but some things are not in our hands…
We would like to thank everybody, who was involved in her rescue and rehabilitation and who supported us in looking after her.



Reason for rehab:

Separated from its herd due to Human-Elephant-Conflict

Rescue date:

18th April 2021

Age at rescue:

2 months

Rescue location:

Kiteto in Manyara Region

Favorite food:

Special elephant milk formula