Cheetah Handsome

His story

At the end of 2017, Handsome, a big male cheetah, appeared out of the blue in a conservation area set aside by a sugar cane plantation in Moshi, named Namolok. He was spotted in alarming condition, with injuries inflicted by arrows and he even had become too critical to survive being darted by the KiliCREW. The management of the sugar cane plantation started to feed the cheetah daily, so he could regain strength and be darted and treated after a few weeks. A proper check-up and examination showed that he had sustained permanent injuries and that he most likely had been kept illegally as a pet, showing clear marks on his neck of having worn a collar.

– Unfortunately, he will not be able to return to the wild, as he will never be able to hunt sufficiently again due to his injuries and therefore, he was given a forever-home supervised by wildlife authorities.



Reason for rehab:

Permanent damage to muscles and ligaments and impaired vision due to a damaged eye

Rescue date:

Nov 2017

Age at rescue:


Rescue location:

On a sugarcane plantation outside of Moshi

Favorite food: