His story

This female bushbaby was found injured but alive, after a collision with a motorbike. A caring lady picked it up and handed it over into the care of the CREW. The accident left this little one in poor condition, it appeared disoriented, with restricted movement and eyesight. Sadly she was heavily pregnant but lost the baby. Fortunately, thanks to treatment, love, care and enough time for recovery she is getting better every day and already able to climb again. It’s a pleasure to see her develop!
Its condition improves gradually and we hope that it will recover fully in order to go back to the wild again!

Update: After recovery the primate was rehabilitated and ready for release, joined the wild population on Makoa-Farm.




Reason for rehab:

accident with a motorbike

Rescue date:

October 2021

Age at rescue:


Rescue location:

Kilimanjaro region

Favorite food: