Common Duiker Felix

His story

Felix was found by a few school children as a baby in a hole. Luckily, these kids had just recently visited the Kilimanjaro Animal CREW and therefore knew exactly what had to be done: they lifted little Felix out of the hole and took him home to feed him with precious milk. As Felix demanded a lot of milk every day, the kids’ parents quickly decided to hand over the baby to KiliCREW to take care of the animal.

He was successfully hand-reared and released as an adult, along with Bambi, into a government-supervised permanent home where they roam freely and are kept busy with foraging and other-antelope-like activities.



Reason for rehab:

Rescued from a hole as a baby

Rescue date:

May 2014

Age at rescue:

less than one month

Rescue location:

Village in Hai District

Favorite food: