Common Duiker Bambi

His story

Our cattle herder found Bambi in the pouring rain, lying beside her dead mother that had been caught and strangled to death in a wire snare. He quickly brought Bambi to safety, then returned to the site with a few helpers to remove the snares and the dead duiker mother – but, much to their surprise, the dead duiker had been taken by the poachers in this short time! He had rescued Bambi just in the nick of time.

Bambi was raised being bottle-fed with milk formula and once she was big enough, she joined a male Common Duiker, Felix, in his enclosure.

As adult animals, Bambi and Felix where released into a government-supervised permanent home where they roam freely and are kept busy with foraging and other-antelope-like activities.

Healthy and recovering



Reason for rehab:

Found as a baby next to her dead mum

Rescue date:

January 2019

Age at rescue:

less than one month

Rescue location:

Makoa Farm

Favorite food: