African Crowned Eagle Aura

His story

It seems that Aura originally came from Arusha National Park. Still a juvenile, she must have stretched her wings and got caught by a gust of wind that carried her all the way to Arusha, some 20 km away, where she found herself on the top of a house. The wildlife authority, TAWA, was alerted to come and rescue her. When the rangers arrived, the eagle was too weak to even lift her head, so she was handed over to us for treatment.

After the initial critical phase she was progressing well. She has received training to prepare her for release later in life and was subsequently able to successfully settle within the farm.

Released at Makoa Farm



Reason for rehab:

Was found injured and too young to survive

Rescue date:

Dec 2018

Age at rescue:

about 1 year

Rescue location:


Favorite food:

big rats