Wildlife Rescues

“Rescuing orphaned or hurt animals and rehabilitating them
before releasing them into a protected environment.”

This is one of Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.’s biggest mission. Wildlife is coming under daily increasing pressure worldwide. To cut a long story short – loss of wildlife habitats due to human encroachment and population growth, as well as the resulting expansion of agriculture and rise of livestock numbers, lead to a heightened human-wildlife conflict and a multiplication of wildlife threats.

Commercial bush-meat poaching (by use of insidious wire snares), the illegal wildlife trade, poaching for illegal trophies (such as ivory, rhino horn and lion bones to mention only a few), as well as the retaliatory killings of wildlife for killed livestock or destroyed crops, and many other drivers, all lead to the same outcome – killed or injured wildlife, and the numbers increase.

Whenever we get a call that there is an animal in distress somewhere in one of the National Parks or other protected areas, a team of our vets and assistants is immediately dispatched to provide rapid response and emergency aid, and, if necessary, arrange evacuation of an afflicted animal to our sanctuary at Makoa Farm.

Dr Elisabeth examining NCAA rhino calf

We have done many field operations and rescues, as you can see in just a few examples here:

 Some of the animals that have received help from the Kili C.R.E.W.

Every rescue helps! But also, every time we go to help an animal in need, it takes lots of funds as well. We never turn down a rescue, but we depend on donations of people who realize how important these rescue missions are; not only for the individuals, that get a second chance, but also for the general Tanzanian awareness.

Funds needed annually: US $ 50,000

If you would like to support our field missions, please donate to: ‘Wildlife Rescues’