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Education and Wildlife​

helping animals in Tanzania for more than 25 years

Welcome to the KILI CREW

Welcome at Makoa-Farm and the Kilimanjaro Animal Center for Rescue, Education, and Wildlife! Join our effort to promote a greater understanding of wildlife by creating a generation of informed and compassionate youth who will lead Tanzania to a more sustainable future for wildlife, the environment and the community.

We invite Tanzania’s next generation to learn about the importance of conservation whilst treating wild animals that are injured or otherwise afflicted by humans and preparing them for later release back into the wild.
Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. is a Non Governmental Organization and non-profit making (established under Section 12 (2) of Act No. 24 of 2002, of the Laws of The United Republic of Tanzania, bearing a certificate of compliance No.NGO/00007782 and with physical address at Makoa Farm).
The NGO runs entirely on donations and depends on likeminded people who wish to support our efforts for animals and people on site.

News & events

First time out with all the siblings

What an exciting day for Meing’ataki!! His great progress made it possible to send him out with the rest of the herd FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Even though he only spends a couple of hours in the bush to make…

Meing’ataki venturing out for the first time…

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. . . and you can see how much he enjoys a bath with his new siblings. For now both Kiteto and Malamboni have been assigned to be his constant companions, as Meing’ataki is the first calf ever who doesn’t…

Update on Meing’ataki, the new member of the elephant herd

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The new little rescue inherited the name Meing’ataki, which is Masai language meaning “A fighter”, A fighter in terms of: Attempting doing things without failure and also hardworking. And he is! From fighting for his life he is now fighting…

New Elephant Rescue

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We ended our year with all hands on deck rescuing this little bull elephant calf. Estimated to be around a year old, he was found looking lifeless and walking around on his own. Although there were several herds nearby, it…

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