Elephant Esperanza

His story

Esperanza had a very tricky start into her life. After she was born she didn’t even have time to get her first and so important milk but was abandoned right away as her family was chased off. Lucky enough for her, she was found quickly and rangers stayed with her for 24 hrs to make sure she was safe and to give her family the chance to return for her. Unfortunately, that never happened and we were called for rescue.

Raising an elephant calf is a difficult task, but raising one that didn’t even have the chance to get the colostrum is even more challenging. When Esperanza arrived at the farm she was weak and very distressed. It was clear that she will need even more attention than other calves. To boost her immune system she received serum from the older elephants, which probably helped her to make it through the first weeks.

Also, Suzi, the companion sheep, Poppy, the wildebeest calf and of course our care takers were and still are of huge help emotionally to give Esperanza a reason to live.

Esperanza is in intensive care and will be for another few months before she will be more stable. The whole first year is very critical but she is a little fighter which gives us “hope”.



Reason for rehab:

her family was chased away

Rescue date:

Age at rescue:


Rescue location:


Favorite food:

elephant milk replacer